My name is Marie-Christine Williams and I want to thank you for visiting my store and helping support my cause.  Part of the proceeds of every purchase on this site is donated to my charity organization MCW Hope For Life.


More About MCW Hope For Life

Marie-Christine grew up very poor in Rwanda, which is one of the smallest countries in the world.   She experienced harsh living conditions, and unimaginable tragedy during the Rwanda genocide of 1994.  She knows what it is like to be hungry, not have clothes to wear, and run for her life while others hunted her down.  After she survived and overcame unsurmountable odds it became her personal mission to help others in need and spread a message of hope.  She spend years personally giving back to those less fortunate, and giving them a chance for a better life.  In 2018 she founded MCW Hope For Life as a way to help and give hope to more people in the mists of their own personal tragedy.